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Treinamento e Coaching completo em todas as etapas para a entrada em um MBA em finanças no exterior.

Você terá uma ajuda completa que vai desde a construção do currículo até a preparação para as principais provas e a entrevista para conseguir o tão sonhado MBA no exterior.


Tenha uma experiência de coaching individualizada, que vai encontrar seus pontos fortes e te moldar para conquistar o MBA no exterior.


Você terá um coaching individualizado para alcançar o tão sonhado MBA em finanças no exterior, acompanhamento desde a criação do currículo até a preparação para as principais provas e as entrevistas. As aulas de finanças serão ministradas através da plataforma ZOOM onde será possível tirar dúvidas ao vivo.


Você também terá  acesso a uma plataforma online com  dezenas de cases de modelagem financeira e programas de estudo de caso.


Após o final do curso você receberá um certificado internacional  de conclusão.



1. The role of Capital Markets

    O Papel do Mercado de Capitais

    1. What is the role of capital markets?

2. General Introduction to M&A transaction structure

      Introdução geral a estrutura de M&A  

   1. What are some common M&A transaction structures?

3. How to (sustainably) create value on M&A and

Brief history and current state of M&A market

    Como criar valor no M&A de forma sustentável e a história e o estado atual do mercado de M&A

  1. Why do firms get into M&A deals, what are buyers and sellers ‘motivations?

  2. What is the definition of a successful M&A?

  3. Does M&A often create value to the acquiring companies' stockholders?

4. DCF , Multiples and New methods of valuation

     DFC, Múltiplos e novos métodos de valuation

  1. From Andreessen: What is the problem with Wall Street valuations?

  2. Why Wall Street does not understand Silicon Valley valuations?

  3. What is the part of synergy that Silicon Valley sees different?

  4. In your opinion, is Andreessen 100% correct?

  5. Is he an uninterested party in this debate? Or does he profit from his opinions? Does this makes him loose credibility in the debate? 

  6. What are the main differences between DCF and multiples? Do you have any preferences in valuation methods?

5. How to value synergies

    Como valorar sinergias

  1. Do you have any additional factors to add to valuations? Perhaps synergies?

  2. What did Nabisco’s CEO want in the beginning?

  3. Did he feel support from Wall St. analysts rating his firm’s stocks?

  4. What was his relationship with PE firm KKR?

  5. What happened when they all got involved?


*Class discussion questions

6. Securities Issuers: Investment Banking

    Securities Buyers: Private Equity Firms

    Emissores de títulos: banco de investimento        Compradores de títulos: empresas de capital privado

    Business Case: RJR Nabisco

  1. Is there a moment when the Nabisco CEO is about to become a billionaire and owner of the firm?

  2. How to evaluate the best offer? Is payment the only issue shareholders care about in an M&A deal?

7. Capital Cash Flow Valuation , Inversion, The Ins and Outs of Earn outs , Legal aspects of M&A 

     Valuation de Fluxo de Caixa, Inversão, os prós e contras de recitas, aspectos legais de M&A

  1. What different deal design issues might arise in M&A outside the US?

  2. What is deal inversion? What are the problems with that strategy from a US treasury perspective? Do you have a problem with that strategy?

  3. How did the inversion regulatory burden change in the last few years? What companies use to do that is “verboten” now?

8. How to do a successful M&A integration?

  Como realizar uma integração de M&A de sucesso

  1. What was supposed to be the main problem in Pixar Disney merger?

  2. What was the culture at Pixar?

  3. What was the culture at Disney?

  4. Are Hawaiian shirt types eager to integrate in a large corporate structure? What are the primary reasons to divest a business? How are businesses tied to their products, assets, and what are the characteristics that make some private equity firms the best at running assets?

*Class discussion questions

9. A bad M&A deal (from an acquirer’s perspective, target's perspective and management's perspective). “Reverse Morris Trust” .

    Um acordo ruim de M&A(da visão do comprador, do alvo e da gestão). “Reverse Morris Trust”

  1. How to do a Reverse Morris Trust? Where did the name come from?

  2. Re Danaher - Is Danaher itself overvalued, as measured against peers’ multiples?

  3. Are Danaher’s savings from acquiring Pall of larger value than the extra premium paid on this deal, as measured against similar firms acquisitions, as EBTDA multiples, in PV terms?  

10. Paying too much in acquisition, PE (Private Equity) and the future of PE

      Pagando a mais pela aquisição, Private Equity e o futuro do Private Equity.

  1. Re Facebook article: Tech boom? Why are large tech firms buying small fish so quick, so pricy?

  2. What are the key differences between the PE model and a public company?

  3. How do PE firms make money for themselves?  For investors?

  4. What are the key structural aspects of a leveraged buyout?

  5. What similarities and differences do you see between the acquisition strategies of strategic buyers and private equity firms generally?

  6. What are the key issues facing PE firms in the current environment?

*Class discussion questions